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Your website is looking its best yet and your social media is spot on. Now what? All your digital marketing efforts have been successful, but unless you get the word out, they will be useless. Although marketing has certainly evolved throughout the years, good PR still reigns as one of the best ways to build a solid customer base.

Press releases have their place, but every situation does not require a formal press release. Stay away from the standard format and try honing in on your unique specialty for your market area. Your presser should let customers know that you are a valuable, reliable and trustworthy source of information. Rather than something formal, volunteer to write a guest piece offering useful information to readers. A blog is another good way of establishing yourself as an expert while developing relationships with readers.

Who doesn’t like a free product or service? Create a campaign offering a giveaway to let people experience your product or service for themselves. Anytime someone can have an actual experience versus just reading or being told about a product or service, is always better and often results in a loyal customer.

Let your customers know you appreciate their business by saying a simple “thank you.” It doesn’t have to be anything special, just a little something extra to set yourself apart. For example, when I receive an Etsy order that has a little something extra from the business owner such as a handwritten note or special tissue paper, I fully understand their gratitude and it sticks out in my mind for future orders.

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Content marketing

            Noun – “A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online marketing (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.”  ~ Source: Oxford Languages

You’ve probably heard this term used multiple times but wondered how you can successfully apply it to your business. The truth is you can’t afford not to utilize content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute lists four key reasons to apply content marketing to your marketing plan.

  1. Increased sales
  2. Cost savings
  3. Better customers who have more loyalty
  4. Content as a profit center

Quality content impacts all forms of marketing from social media to old-fashioned PR campaigns. Content marketing delivers the information your audience cares about resulting in more traffic to your social media pages and website and ultimately more sales. Many people think that you need to be a great writer to develop meaningful content, but it really isn’t necessary to successful content marketing. The key step is fully understanding your target audience and what they want. Do your research and work from your expertise. Today’s consumers are smart, they will see right through you if they don’t feel it is authentic, meaningful content.

While content marketing may be newer, identifying your primary target audience isn’t. The means of gathering information is more advanced but the rules are the same as they have been for decades. Stick to the basics you learned in Marketing 101.

  1. Demographic Segmentation: Who are your customers? How old are they? Do they have families? Occupation? Household income?
  2. Geographic Segmentation: Identify where your customers live, work, and play. If you are a brick and mortar, you will want your storefront located in closest proximity. If you sell online, think about social networks your customers gather. For example, if you cater to an older audience, most likely they will use Facebook and younger customers tend to use TikTok
  3. Psychographic Segmentation: What emotionally drives your customers to buy things?
  4. Behavioral Segmentation: Shopping habits, i.e., predominantly on-line shopping or do they prefer to go into a storefront? Hours of operation? Is convenience important?

Cyberspyder Marketing Services can help you develop a solid content marketing plan from helping you work through each of the marketing segments to the content itself. Call, 479.782.0005, or email today to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Making Social Media A Top Lead Generator

Making Social Media A Top Lead Generator

Social media can be a great resource for attracting new customers and generating leads. It has the potential to be one of the best platforms to gain new customers. However, it can leave you frustrated and wondering if your hard work is really paying off. If you focus your time and energy in the right areas and spotlight your strengths, social media can be a source of a high-quality new customer.

Typing on on a laptop

Email Is Not Dead

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Many people believe emails are an antiquated form of communication. I suppose when compared to instantaneous communication via texting, social media, and messaging apps one could make that argument. However, emailing is not dead, particularly if you are conducting business. There is something a bit more solid and credible about an email versus a quick text message. Agreed, not every email gets a response, but don’t get frustrated if you’ve prepped the perfect knock-out email campaign and only get a few responses. Don’t give up.


The Cookies Crumble

This month’s blog marks the end of a six-part series focusing on specific marketing trends throughout 2022 and beyond. To recap, the five previous trends are:

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

April brings us to the fifth 2022 marketing trend. Let’s recap the prior four trends: 1) Events are back but with a hybrid alternative of both virtual and live; 2) Content alignment offering credible, authoritative content; 3) Marketing companies are taking a vested interest in the products/services they sell; 4) Cause marketing.

cause marketing

Cause Marketing

March brings us to our fourth marketing trend for this year, cause marketing. Today’s consumers are looking for more business transparency and their impact on society. Brands and businesses are expected to be socially responsible.


Thinking Outside The Box With The Third Marketing Trend of 2022

February brings us the third marketing trend of 2022. This third trend may seem a bit unconventional for a marketing company --- when marketing companies take ownership in products or services they help sell. A vested interest gives additional motivation to sell that product or service.

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