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April brings us to the fifth 2022 marketing trend. Let’s recap the prior four trends: 1) Events are back but with a hybrid alternative of both virtual and live; 2) Content alignment offering credible, authoritative content; 3) Marketing companies are taking a vested interest in the products/services they sell; 4) Cause marketing.

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The fifth trend is the influencer marketing will continue to be a strong marketing strategy. Influencer marketing has been around for a while, but since Covid, it seems as if everyone is an influencer. In the beginning, this type of marketing was limited mostly to celebrities talking about products they “love” via social media platforms. These social media posts resonated well with consumers as they humanize products and come off more authentic than traditional advertisements. Then, along comes the neighbor next door taking on the influencer role. This really resonated with consumers, as they see regular people successfully using a product or service. Influencer marketing still resonates with consumers for the most part, however, this can get a bit stale and lose its authenticity. For example, I follow several “interior designers.” I used quotes because I soon realized that many of the “designers” that I was following weren’t really designers at all. Yes, they have 100,000+ followers, but they aren’t truly designers. In fact, if you’ve seen one of their posts, you’ve most likely seen them all. Once I realized that they weren’t truly designers, it sort of turned me off of the products they were selling. I’m not necessarily saying the product they are influencing us to buy is bad, but there is just something about someone saying they are a designer when they are not that rubs me the wrong way. To remedy that problem, I have started unfollowing the “designers” and made it a point to only follow designers. In my opinion, the true designers have gotten the proper education and tutelage. My point is to not bash or separate the real designers from the wannabes, it’s to make sure you know who you allow to influence and represent your product or service. Consumers see through phonies. Do a little research on the people you are allowing to represent your business. Do they make posts creating division? Do they bash other companies? If so, you probably don’t want them representing you.



Influencer marketing will remain strong as long as it is authentic. This is an inexpensive and effective way to sell your product or service. Cyberspyder Marketing Services can help you develop an influencer marketing strategy, call today, 479.782.0005, to schedule a consultation or fill out the contact us page.  

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